Heather Bryant, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist

Psychotherapy for Adults

  • Doctor of Clinical Psychology
  • California License Psy18221
  • 20 years experience
Working with me will allow you to explore your emotional reactions, thoughts, and
challenges in a nonjudgmental atmosphere. Our sessions will likely include both talking
through your feelings and identifying specific ways to face your challenges that can result
in meeting your internal and external goals.  

At times it may feel uncomfortable to discuss your private thoughts and feelings.  It may
also feel overwhelming to face especially challenging situations or relationships.  
Effective psychotherapy tends to include a two pronged approach. First is identifying  
different ways for dealing with problems. Second is putting these new approaches into  
action, while also having a safe place to talk through your feelings and the outcomes of
these actions.  Psychotherapy with me can result in you being more effective in your life
and feeling more confident, worthwhile and empowered.
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About Psychotherapy...

Most people experience stressful periods in their lives.  Sometimes stressors involve our
external world: conflicts in important relationships, academic difficulty or professional
performance, to name a few.  At other times these stressors involve our internal world:
struggles with self-confidence, self- worth and identity.  The many feelings (sadness,
anger, anxiety) that typically arise can be difficult to  handle. During times like these
psychotherapy can be very helpful. I am an experienced psychologist who can offer an
objective opinion about what you're experiencing and how you can navigate through
these tumultuous times.